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  1. Hey ginnybean, Welcome to AS! I also found this site due to the fact my daughter was abused by my ex. I am also a survivor which really bothers me because I thought I'd be conscious of any signs of abuse. Needless to say, this site has been very helpful and there are some amazing people here. Anytime you need to talk, just PM me. I don't come here often so might not get right back to you....but I will! Michelle
  2. Hi Ashley, I'm sorry you need to be here but glad you found us. Hopefully you can heal and get back some of your childhood, you still have time, hun. I'm also glad your step parents have allowed you here, it's a great place to talk. Take care, Michelle
  3. I have the dreaded new Windows Vista and chat doesn't work with IE even with the latest java and even when enabling the ActiveX controls. I had to use firefox. I've noticed lately though, that firefox has been having quite a few updates.....maybe some of you don't have the latest version? Just a thought.....
  4. I am Canadian, lol Welcome to AS, you've found a great group of people here! I live in Nova Scotia. Enjoy your stay, Michelle
  5. Hi Jeffrey, Welcome to AS. You've found a great group of people here. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay. Michelle
  6. Welcome to AS, I AM GREEN WITH ENVY. Is that your horse? I love horse riding but haven't had the opportunity or $ in years. You are so lucky! You've found a great group of people here. Michelle
  7. Welcome to AS Melissa, Does your Mom know that something happened? If she does, why haven't you told her who did it? You've got to remember, she was older, she did it, you didn't know any better. And even if you thought it might be wrong, she told you it would be fun. Don't blame yourself! We've all done things we're not proud of, but this isn't something for you to have on your concience, it's her problem. You need to heal now. Please take care of yourself and feel free to talk here, everyone's really supportive and understanding. Michelle
  8. Welcome Tia. I'm new too. I find it's very strange being able to tell you deepest secrets and to have understanding replies, not judgement. I'm sure you'll be as happy as I am to have found this site. Enjoy
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