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    Here goes

    My brother was my abuser too, I haven't spoken to him in probably 6 years and I blocked him from every social media so I can never see him. It's so hard, everything seems like a trigger because it was someone who should have been there to protect you, not harm you. The word "brother" and his name always trigger me. I haven't been home in a few years, I don't speak with my family anymore because they just tell me to "get over it". I know that they'll be happy if we all could be a family again, but we never can and maybe we never will be. It's been hard, I had to re-learn everything, find that m
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    You shouldn't feel fake because of the people around you. You might have a persona on when you go out because you are trying your best. Trauma can cause so much internalized and externalized harm for us. Sometimes it's harder than other times to deal with it and we might not have the resources we need like a therapist or a friend. I found some little things that help: there's an oil you can buy online to help with depression called st john's wort, and there are magnesium powders you can buy to help with anxiety (just mix a little with water) I feel like this has really helped me with my mood n
  3. It's easy to have this broken record on repeat in your head even when things are good in your life. I'm really sorry that happened to you, it must have been so devastating. It's really good that you are finding help and you have a positive support system. Try to keep a routine and it'll help get you out of bed and starting your day. Just go easy on yourself. And don't listen to that broken record.
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