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  1. my dearest mother "your not depressed, you don't know what depression is" my retort "yeah, coz walking alongside train tracks is what all teh boys my age are doing" I get very over touchy and emotional on the subject of r*pe, as i imagine you all understand often i get the phrase, or something like it "well its not like you were r*ped is it, stop being such a p*ssy" I don't bother giving a reply to those people anymore, their not worth it
  2. Firstly, i guess the most important thing to say is that i am a secondary survivor, though i must confess,i had never heard the term before i came to this site, which, just from the portal page, has help immensely. So a quick and most ingratiated thankyou to the founders, moderators and supporters, and everyone who made it possible really, becaus just seeing it makes me feel slightly less, angry i guess is the word. Reading the articles in teh secondary supporter thread, the stickies, it made me think long and hard about my current behaviour, and already, i think that that has been useful. But moving on to why i'm here, i guess its many reasons, unfortunately. It seems everyone i know or knew has been raped. Its really quite ridiculous. My best friend right now, my old best friend, my other best friend. So many people, sometimes i get so angry at it all. I'll shout things, i'll cry and be mad, I'll curse people, threaten people i've never met, because they have hurt my friends. I try not to do this in public though, i know its not helpful for anyone. I've pretty much come to despise my gender as a general rule, and i know thats not healthy either. When i said it was many reasons, i think everyone i know thats ever been hurt and abused is a reason. Because i want to help them better, and i don't want to be angry at their abusers anymore, because i know that doesn't help. Theres a particular person in question who has brought me here however, a young girl i know, whom, in my bid to help, by looking up information i was lead here both by a friend and by my own searches. Thankyou mysterious friend i don't know if she would mind me saying so ill keep it anoynmous for now. I'm 20, i'm a writer of sorts, at least, thats what i call myself. I live in the UK, and i've just realised i haven't introduced my name so I'm Daniel, a secondary survivor, a lot, and yeah, I'm sure theres more but since this is an introduction, i'll leave it at that
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