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  1. Welcome @Hooves, you will find this a safe place.
  2. Welcome @Victoria Palmer and @soulpaws so sorry that you even need to be here. This place has been very helpful to me. There is also another great site 7cups.com, you can chat one on one and in different kinds of groups and you can sign up for a sponsor. You can message if you want to talk sometime. -k
  3. Wow, so well written. It is so encouraging how you expressed yourself. I did the same thing from 15 yrs old until 45 yrs old. I am now only 46 yrs old, so I don't yet feel like I have achieved much. But thank you for sharing, for being so open and honest here. -k
  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 ALL! I am so thankful for AS and the encouragement and support I have received here in 2016, praying 2017 will be a blessing for all of us :). -k

    1. snmls


      Thank you. Happy new Year to you as well!

    2. Kathyps33
  5. I just looked at your profile says you are in military. I want to just say Thank you for serving. I have a brother in US Army. I so appreciate all people who serve their military, it takes alot to give your life for others. THANK YOU!

    1. Stephenjames


      Hi Kathy, how are you? Hope I didn't mis-lead anyone. I was only a cadet, I spent my whole life dreaming of joining the RAF but abuse & rape got in the way. That is why I am on this site. Congrats to your brother, he sounds like a great guy! I really wanted to join the military but failed :(

      Sorry if I mis-lead you. Hope you are well.

      Take care.

    2. Kathyps33


      Rapha, no problem. It's what's in your heart that counts. I am so sorry that abuse and rape derailed your dreams. Even if you never actually join the military you would and wanted to serve and that takes a courageous, strong person. Actually, you aren't misleading. I read beside the Interests Royal Air Force as if you were a member, my mistake not yours. And as for, 'you failed' You didn't circumstances outside your control took that away don't blame yourself put it where it belongs. I am well, thx for asking. Take care yourself :)

  6. Hi Jidfr, welcome to AS, you can say anything. This is a safe place. Feel free to post your thoughts, and feelings anytime that is what we are here for. And YES!!! this is an understanding place, a place to find comfort and encouragement in your healing process. You can be as detailed as you want to be. The process of healing often times is harder at first but 'KNOW' that it does get better. AND please don't give up when you have setbacks, they will come. I heard a quote on one of my favorite shows that I love to remind myself of it helps me get through: "Scars show us where we came from, but they don't have to dictate where we are going." You will be unconditionally loved and accepted here.
  7. Kathyps33

    Life happens

    Thanks Justlooking. I am back home now. Emotional weekend.
  8. Kathyps33

    Random ramblings

    Hawkgirl, yes I have done the same. It's is good to be able to laugh at yourself. I have to do it often. I will be careful, my job is driving, (I'm a mobile x-ray tech). Thank you, so much.
  9. Kathyps33

    Life happens

    limbodante thank you. I will be driving down to Florida Friday morning for the memorial service Saturday.
  10. Kathyps33

    Random ramblings

    Hawkgirl, thank you. Fl is my abbreviation for Florida. I will drive down Friday morning early it's about 9 hours from Columbia SC. I am staying with friends. My family is sort of mixed up and I can't get too involved with them. We will have a memorial on Saturday at the beach. Thanks for hugs.
  11. Kathyps33

    Random ramblings

    Thank you Hawkgirl, You have no idea how much this helps. I work weekends and it's been kinda busy, then I found out last night that my cousin took her own life. She was only 38 yrs old. I don't know what to think right now. I may be going to Fl?
  12. Kathyps33

    Life happens

    I found out last night my cousin took her own life. She was just 38 yrs old. This is the 3rd cousin in my family that has committed suicide. I don't know what to think right now.
  13. Kathyps33


    Hawkgirl, thank you so much for sharing. I am so encouraged by your words. Thank you for the book. I will look it up. I am appalled that a minister would say something like that to you. I hate that for you. I am so sorry. It never ceases to amaze me what 'religious' people come up with, I have found in reading the bible myself that Jesus, every time said the opposite to the religious people of what they were teaching. So I try to remind myself of this when some church person says something to me. If it doesn't line up with what the bible says then I don't accept it. I am still in the process of re-learning the bible. My adoptive mother, (a sunday school teacher, a GA leader and in the choir) would quote the verse in Ephesians 6:1 "Children obey your parents". As she would send me to my fathers room for him to have sex with me. I did not learn until I was in my 20s and reading the bible myself that scripture also says, "in the Lord". She misquoted so much of the bible. I have spent the past 20 years reading and studying the bible myself and feel like I still have so much to re-learn. Wow, I hadn't thought about it like this before. That's what I've been trying to learn for myself. I have wondered why my body has even had these sexual feelings, then when I started masturbation I learned what I like and don't like. So thanks for this. I finally feel like it is part of just being human and for us the good was taken out of it by those that abused us. thank you both dieter and hawkgirl for responding it helps so much to not go through this alone.
  14. Kathyps33


    Dieter, wow your openness and honesty are refreshing. I appreciate hearing from someone else that you have the same thoughts and experiences. It helps me to not feel so abnormal. I am sorry that you, have had to go through these horrible things in life also.
  15. Kathyps33


    Dieter,and Hawkgirl, thank you both for responding. It helps so much to know I am not alone in these thoughts and feelings.
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