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  1. 9 hours ago, Minerba said:

    Hello Brunetta, welcome. You are not alone. I'm sorry about what brought you here. It was not your fault.

    This group on-line is a good source of support. There is also a lot of information you can read.

    How is your support system? Do you have family members and/or friends who know about it and are supportive of you? pets?

    It is normal to feel the way you feel at present. Many survivors experience denial. It is a way of protecting ourselves. I wonder how you cope with triggers...what helps? I have made a list of my triggers and have written down ways of coping with specific triggers. It helps most of the time.

    Healing is a journey and takes time. Healing is possible. Go at your own pace. It is okay to take care of yourself. Remember that you deserve to live a good life.

    May you be well.

    Here is a safe place I have in my mind...


    I don't think I really have a support system I think.  My husband and best friends know about the most recent thing that happened - from about 5 years ago - but I guess they think I just got over it.  I've never spoken of things that happened prior to that.

    i wouldn't say that i cope with triggers.  I do have an ED which is currently in relapse. 

  2. Hi there!  I'm new here.  I haven't been to therapy, but I find that online forums are less scary. I would really like to start the healing process, but I tend to go through periods of denial where I will convince myself that the abuse never happened until I get triggered for whatever reason.  It's an endless cycle.  

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