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  1. Hello. I have been active on other survivor forums and thought this one also looked very professional with an active community, so am looking forward to some great conversation. 

    Although I did experience some encounters with a sexual deviant as a child, my encounters were pretty mild (thankfully) compared to what many other have had to endure. I was able to come away with not so much trauma from those experiences. My trauma came from seeing people I love very much heal through terrible things from their childhood and seeing how those things can change them and damage the parts I love about them. 

    Through most of my life I have been surrounded by family, friends, and relationships who have all suffered terribly through child abuse and I have dedicated quite a lot of my time to researching abusers, and how their actions impacts the human mind, body, and spirit. I have found this knowledge combined with the many conversations I have had with other survivors has given me some unique insight into many of the struggles survivors face and I am able to provide some unique and (hopefully) worthwhile perspective. 

    I am also a creative person and have written many poems relating to abuse and even wrote a novel recently. 

    So hopefully I have some things to share that others may benefit from.


    Thank you for reading.


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