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  1. I'm glad you're able to keep in touch with him! That's so sweet! ^___^ Thank you so much! ^___^ learning languages is really cool! They really are fascinating!
  2. you took away my childhood. you absolutely ruined my life. you're no man of god.
  3. oh that's interesting! i personally find Russian to be pretty easy, at least much easier than Japanese which i was trying to learn for a while before i picked up Russian. there are a lot of confusing aspects to the language though for sure! my biggest problem is pronunciation to be honest :') i mainly struggle with rolling the r's and using the miakiznak and dviordiznak correctly.
  4. hello all! you can call me kolya! i'm 18 years old and i am a survivor. i won't talk about that here, but i'll talk about some good things about myself! i'm very interested in anime and manga, and i really like vocaloid, too. if you like these things, please talk to me about them! it's always fun to talk about mutual interests with others! i write and produce music with a vocaloid of my own, and i'm currently learning Russian. i only know the basics, but i'm still learning! i collect anime figures, and i also cosplay. i'm not a very good cosplayer, but i do my best when i feel like
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