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  1. This is a great and supportive group.
  2. that's awesome, everything you've done since mid June 😊 Congrats! i was r 2 months ago and l still battle it.
  3. you've come to a great place. I joined like 2 days after I was raped, its been 2 months and the help has been amazing!
  4. Welcome to the group. im so sorry you were sexually assaulted. I was raped 2 weeks ago and again today by my "friend" 😞 Lots of hugs
  5. My anxiety is through the roof. I've done everything I can to divert my attention but it won't stop replaying. I told him to stop many times.
  6. My friend doesn't understand. He thinks I should be over it. I'm trying to block it out but it just keeps replaying in my head. He was a close friend of mine for years and he changed.
  7. I haven't seeked any help yet, not sure if I want to. The anxiety is through the roof and I want to screamed and cry. The bruises are still everywhere. Thank you 😊
  8. I was violently raped 5 days ago and I'm a mess. I don't even know if everything I'm feeling is normal or not.
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