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  1. Awi is back old member

    Welcome back!!
  2. Hey everyone!

  3. New here

    This is a great and supportive group.
  4. Hi, I am a new survivor

    that's awesome, everything you've done since mid June 😊 Congrats! i was r 2 months ago and l still battle it.
  5. New Survivor

    you've come to a great place. I joined like 2 days after I was raped, its been 2 months and the help has been amazing!
  6. (Post #1) Hello, It Happened 29 Yrs Ago

    You're far from old. im so sorry you're going through this. When do you start counseling? you can pm me anytime, even though my rape was only 2weeks ago and a few hours ago, my "friend" did it. hang in there
  7. New Here

    Welcome to the group. im so sorry you were sexually assaulted. I was raped 2 weeks ago and again today by my "friend" 😞 Lots of hugs
  8. New here. 5 days out

    My anxiety is through the roof. I've done everything I can to divert my attention but it won't stop replaying. I told him to stop many times.
  9. New here. 5 days out

    My friend doesn't understand. He thinks I should be over it. I'm trying to block it out but it just keeps replaying in my head. He was a close friend of mine for years and he changed.
  10. New here. 5 days out

    I haven't seeked any help yet, not sure if I want to. The anxiety is through the roof and I want to screamed and cry. The bruises are still everywhere. Thank you 😊
  11. New here. 5 days out

    I was violently raped 5 days ago and I'm a mess. I don't even know if everything I'm feeling is normal or not.