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  1. Does anyone else feel like even laying in bed and doing nothing is too much work? Existing is too much work sometimes.

    1. josiel


      Oh, yes...I can relate.  If ok, :hug:

    2. MzKeys75
  2. Nathalie


    Hey! I'm so glad you joined! I'm sorry for what you've gone through that got you to this point though. I'm a new member here and I've only posted a few things but I already feel more validated and have gotten some good advice for a lot of different things, so you did the right thing and found a great place to talk! I'm here if you ever want to talk!
  3. Thanks so much for all your ideas and kind words, everyone! I was nervous about posting on here, feeling as if my problems were insignificant compared to others', but I really feel welcomed here and hope I can get a lot out of it! Struggling with self-blame, doubt, and invalidation is something I assume a lot of you struggle with too, which is a crappy place to be, but I'm working on it
  4. Honestly, you've already helped me! Your advice on the repressed memories on my post was super helpful since I wasn't sure how to even begin to unravel them! Thanks so much! And your positivity looking forward is nothing but inspirational.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm new to the site and looking for support in any way that I can get it, and to talk to people who have been through what I have. My main trauma happened a few months ago when my brother tried to rape me. During, he referenced things he did to me when we were little that I just passed off as curiosity, but has bothered me since. Right now I'm struggling a lot with the idea of repressed memories and having a gut feeling that something else happened when we were younger that I'm forgetting, and maybe even in the recent trauma. I've been having nightmares consistently almost every night about the trauma and people trying to hurt me in general, leading me to try to avoid sleep as much as possible. Right now I just need to know that I'm not alone, and any advice or experiences with repressed memories would be much appreciated. Thanks
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