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  1. Hannah343


    You should be able to go online and find a fourm that you fill out and then send it in to them, I believe there's an intake process of a week.
  2. Hannah343


    Hello Finch, Welcome to AS. Let me introduce myself I'm 17, my names Hannah, and I was abused ever since I can remember till 16 by my brother and emotionally abused by my family. AS is a great community, your sure to get lots of support here. Do you have a Sexual Assult centre where you are? If you want to do therapy (it's a great idea, therapy has helped me a lot and I've only been to 3 sessions.) that would be one of the best places to go for it or to go to groups. Sitting with you if ok
  3. Welcome to AS Saige, just b/c your a guy doesn't make it embarrassing, someone hurt you and you are allowed to feel like they did, people don't understand sometimes. There's a teen fourm too, it's ok your here to tell your story and if you don't know where to start it's ok not to know, believe me my minds all jumbled up b/c of dissociation. Feel free to tell us, this community is very supportive:) Sitting with you if it's ok
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