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  1. **MAY BE TRIGGERING FOR SOME** CONTAINS SOME OF MY EXPERIENCES WITH BEING MOLESTED AS A CHILD For years and years I have struggled. I am 30 now and the reality is just now settling in. I see things in a new light. Not the most positive light, but I am hoping that one day I will be able to see the positive. People say the things that happen to you happen for a reason. I don't think that there was a reason for what happened to me though. How can there be a reason for a little girl to be touched in ways that a consenting woman can be touched? I was 5 when he first made hi
  2. Thank you. I am hoping that stumbling onto this site will help me in ways I never dreamed of. I already feel that support.
  3. Thank you. I actually read the first article. It was helpful. I will later read the others. Glad for some support
  4. Hello. I'm a 30 year old soon to be new mommy (10 week countdown). I don't know if it's the fact that I am having a little girl or the fact that I just need to be heard, but lately the hate I hold is bubbling over. I was molested for years when I was a little girl and I think the reality is overwhelming, especially now. I hold so much fear for my little one. My husband knows about my struggles but can only say so much. He knows the man who did it to me because I am forced to see him at times. It's distressing. And to know he has a grand daughter that will soon be the age that I was when it sta
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