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  1. It took me having a complete debilitating panic attack at work for me to report him. I tried to go on for a month and three days, but he came in on his day off and I couldn't do it. Walked by him a few times trying to psych myself up each time and finally I started crying and hyperventilating in the corner. One of the very nice bakery ladies saw me and took me upstairs where my store leader called the cops. So even in reporting, I was pretty passive. But it was empowering. After that, after telling so many people my story that day, I kept on doing it. I did it on facebook, I've done it
  2. Hi, new here. Of course I'm not happy about the circumstances, but from what I can tell, you guys are an awesome, strong, beautiful group of people that anyone would be lucky to know. Keep being you and I'll try to do the same.
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