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  1. 18 minutes ago, Annie7 said:

    yea i understand that ;( i had nowhere to live for a time and if i move there's a huge chance i wont have a place to rent again ;( lol yes immigration is always to blame 

    Safe hugs :hug: if ok?


  2. 1 hour ago, Annie7 said:

    big ben and la tour Eiffel i dig it!

    big ben is so cool lol

    the thing i remember most about london tbh is a guy panhandling in the tube it was awful and sad all these ppl were getting out of the station and he was sitting there sprawled out with longish hair and a beard, nice looking guy, obviously had drug problems, i put a pound in his cup, i felt like a jackass for doing it, he thanked me right away, it destroyed me, i used to write poems about that guy, i couldnt stand it, contrast b.t. all these ppl running off to have a good time late at night and him ;( makes me sound like im a saint im not a saint it just gutted me it was so damn sad london has so much inequity like the world really is 


    Thanks :) ,

    your theres a lot of them , half of them are addicts & the others are families which the government let down cause of a housing shortage. As usual immigration is to blame.

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