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  1. I feel like a crap person right now :cry: 

    1. limbodante


      Sorry to hear mate, did something happen? What's up? :hug

    2. Free2Fly


      Thanks @limbodante,

      i just upset someone by being stupid me... starting to think I mess up or than I fix things.

      my stupid problems get me in so much trouble... it's unbelievable... :( 


      listen forgive me for being a D**k the other day I just took what you said the wrong way and I feel stupid for doing so.


      just trying to make it to Friday alive... you know being alive is technically madness cause we do the same things over and over mon,tue,wed,thu,fri,sat,sun over and over again ugh Jesus.


      still thank u I appreciate you asking Dante.






    3. limbodante


      It's probably not the best place to air grievances but it's as good as any xD I admit it frustrated me, but that isn't your fault, I just had a string of people misunderstand me in the preceding days and it started me doubting myself. Please do trust I always mean well and if you feel I'm being snarky or disrespectful, assume it's unintentional and let me know and I'll apologise, I never intend to upset anybody with my tone, and if I wasn't clear that I was being serious, well I can't blame you for assuming I wasn't. No need for you to feel foolish over that, no hard feelings for either of us I hope :)

      You're a decent guy, we all have issues, whatever tripped you up is a learnable moment and stuff, don't take it too hard, we all mess up sometimes. I feel you on the dull routine. Sometimes it can be hard to get out of a rut, but sometimes all it takes is to change the routine a little, like going for a walk every day at the same time, get a little natural light and a bit of air, rather than.. well if you're like me, sitting at the computer all day. Maybe think of some stuff you want to do but don't feel ready for like trying rock climbing or whatever, write down what you want to do and keep it somewhere in sight, and one day you may see it and spontaneously think "this is the day, let's do that thing." Or try eating with your off-hand, just to confuse your brain a little. You could keep a journal of how you actually spend your time, I had a T tell me to do that once to see how I was wasting time when I complained I didn't have time to do stuff, I found it really helpful :) Take it easy man, be gentle with yerself, you're allowed to take care of you ^_^

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