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  1. Feel crazy and alone...

    honestly feels like I am craving attention but there's absolutely non , as far as crazy goes feel :blush:... yeah kinda weird and all I feel like I can do is laugh crazily and think these weird thoughts that I can't resolve or fix .


    in the past few days I have thought about what my abusers did and they Have destroyed me in more ways than I thought.... there's so much that I just can't deal with and cope with hell I don't cope at all it's just a brace face that tells you "yeah I am okay, how are you?" While underneath I am like this is a F***ing disaster...


    I am Broken for sure & my guess the extent is major my head can be messed with so so easily it's unreal.

    1. MermaidGirl91


      Sitting with you my friend. You are not alone.

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