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  1. Feeling like a fool & could do with a hug as things are getting me down and I am questioning why I am here on AS & do I want to heal when it's so much easier just to be in denial.



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    2. patriciag


      many of have felt like this. As hard as it is it is better to deal with the past.  :hug:

    3. Free2Fly


      Thanks Annie. :hug: if okay?


      Patricia I am not sure I can manage it ... my head is quite a mess and there so much I would like to same although a lot of it really isn't worth saying.


      But thank you both I do appreciate it :( 


      free :butterfly: 

    4. josiel


      If ok: :hug:

      It's ok to take a break from this work if you feel like that's what you need to do.  I have taken breaks at times when things got too much (from T and from AS).  Even my T has at times encouraged me to take breaks from processing. 

      Btw, you're not a fool.  Hope you feel better soon.

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