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  1. Feeling like a fool & could do with a hug as things are getting me down and I am questioning why I am here on AS & do I want to heal when it's so much easier just to be in denial.



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    2. Free2Fly



      thank you , I feel if I take a break I will be alone and I can't handle it , I question if the things I do are right is my trust is placed right.. :tear: 

      my head is so much a mess my coping mechanism is the only thing that seems to level me out.

      & stop me from this :drunk: of course. :( 


      i am a fool , my decisions are poorly made.


      I appreciate you trying to be supportive... :cry: 

      free :butterfly: 

    3. josiel


      Awww...you're so welcome!  I appreciate your support too.  I don't think you're making poor decisions.  So sorry it's so hard...I understand.  If coming here helps, then it's a good thing.  I think it's normal to question things at time. :flowers:  

    4. Free2Fly


      Well you don't really know the decision or the things I am not fully in control of .

      i question everything and it's hard to trust myself anymore, I've been having intense flashbacks & what I believe to be dissociating.


      thanks for the flower :) 

      One for you :flowers:

      free :butterfly: 

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