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  1. Feeling like a fool & could do with a hug as things are getting me down and I am questioning why I am here on AS & do I want to heal when it's so much easier just to be in denial.



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    2. snmls


      You are definitely not a fool Free2Fly! Healing is tough, but I know you can do it.  Remember to make time for yourself. :hug:

    3. Free2Fly


      :tear: thanks @snmls,

      i don't know, making time for myself is quite hard for me , I've been told people like me ... we don't switch off.

      & the Abuse in my head does take a day off , tonight before family we're getting dinner my sister(my R**eist) she joked with my siblings about being a virgin until she was 16 which is b*llsh*t she knows what she did to me :tear: I was her first and it hurt so much.


      free :cry: 

    4. snmls


      I'm really sorry to hear about that Free2Fly.  That sounds like it would be really difficult to sit through.  Sitting with you if that's okay. 

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