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  1. You're welcome! And thank you! We need to take control of our experiences instead of letting them control us!
  2. Hi, everyone! This is my greeting to the AS world. I've had a lot of trauma in my life by many different kinds of people. Most of the time I can handle it. Actually, most of the time I don't even think of it. But I've been inspired by the Stanford victim and the many other publications that I've read about rape culture and feminism. I want to acknowledge my experiences for what they were. I want to stand up and say it's happened to me and it's not ok! Yes, it affects me. Yes, I want to find people that understand what I've gone through. But I also want to use myself as an example of another ordinary woman who has had the misfortune of being taken advantage of. What happens to us is far too common, and I want everyone here to know that we are not weird or different. In fact, we are just like everyone else. Everyone just doesn't talk about it. We do.
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