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  1. Is It Still Assault?

    I'm so sorry you went through this and I do agree that this would be assault. It doesn't matter what you've previously agreed to, when you decide to say that you don't want to go any further, that should always be respected. if ok Beth
  2. All it took was a computer screeen

    Hi Nona! So sorry for everything you've gone through, but very glad you found the site - I also stumbled across AS by accident Beth
  3. New here

    Welcome I've honestly found that this is the most supportive site with the kindest people. I hope you do too and get all the support you could need <3 Beth
  4. Bit of a relapse...

    Thanks everyone - it means a lot to have the support and this site has helped me more than I can say in the past, and I know you will all give me strength again! <3 thank you again
  5. Bit of a relapse...

    Hi guys, I once used to visit this forum quite a lot a fair few years ago and it really helped to come to terms with my past. Found out some news last week which has set me back what feels like right to the beginning so I'm here because I know if anyone can help, it's this amazing, lovely and supportive forum <3 Thanks everyone! Beth