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  1. I'm still really upset, I did my AA Step 5 last week and I still can't bring myself to tell my boyfriend or not on what happened even though it was back in Dec. I keep having nightmares, I keep replaying it, wondering what if I didn't go to the house, or if I screamed or hit back instead of cried. :'( I don't know what to do
  2. I still feel like it's was my fault, that I lead him on and put myself in that position. I should have known better to have gone alone to his place. Why do I feel like this?
  3. Not sure where to ask but here goes. I'm having trouble wondering if it was assault. I knew this guy, I had said upfront no to intercourse and eventually I agreed for him to give me oral. But as he was giving me oral, I didn't notice he had slipped down his pants. So when I was getting 'close' he said "screw this" and penetrated me. I said that I had said no to that but he still continued and I couldn't get him off because of my positioning on the couch. I even said he wasn't wearing anything and he stopped to ask if he should, but I said why cuz he was already screwing me and he just continue
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