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Survived a serial rapist and murderer 17 years ago. (sentence: life + 369 years)
Dealing with a date rape that occurred just  prior to my subscribing.

So many things much more interesting happened in the interim.  My proudest was being asked to be on the advisory board for the hospital where I was treated.  They had a long history of neglectful treatment of rape victims and my angry letter about how poorly I was treated got to the right people.  After testifying at their meetings and making improvement suggestions, the hospital rewrote their standards for rape victims.  The other was being on the advisory board to assist local law enforcement, support systems, hospitals to use technology to streamline the process for victims.  Finally, my Victim Advocate came to me to ask me to meet and potentially befriend a reluctant and terrified victim.  We became friends because of the bonds created while healing.  She went on to complete the judicial process, get her life back, and married the man of her dreams.

I deal with pain and anger with gallows humor.

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