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    stroke survivor who enjoys getting active again, re-learning to swim. Love to read, draw, spend time with my daughter.

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  1. Thank you ladies for your kind welcome- I know my problems are a bit overwhelming- I hope to work through things by "listening" to others here so that I can move on with my life. Again, I thank you for your welcome - have a great day!
  2. Hi! My name is Melissa B. aka Mel - NOT Missy. I am also a stroke survivor- massive stroke on 3/23/06 which left me with left sided weakness and some cognitive deficiencies- also affected(tore down) all my barriers and walls I had built because of damage to frontal cortex of brain that organizes your emotions, so I've been all over the map this past year. I am married to a very supportive and understanding man who has stood by me through all of this but I've really tested him, almost to the point of disaster recently. Survived abuse that occured from ages 8-12 by my step-father, it stopp
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