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  1. Joining this site has helped me tremendously. In you own time it will help you as well. I even went to my first meeting at a crisis center. Baby steps but as long as you are going in the right direction you will gain more and more power and momentum in this journey that we all are unfortunate to take, but alone we do not!
  2. Thank You Mary! Its good to know its there when people are ready to share their story! I keep going back and forth, sometimes Im ready and then I change my mind. But I know when I am ready to share, there will be lots of support!!
  3. Hey trying, I know you wrote back to one of my topic, and yes Unfortunately we are all in the same boat that has been whirling around in the ocean of emotions just trying to escape the storm. We don't all get out of the storm unscathed but we all do have one thing in common...we all survived! Just hang in there, and keeping talking to people. Not necessarily about what happened to you, but just don't shut anyone out. I blamed my friends who where at the house when it happened to me and I closed them all out and went through the beginning alone. Not one person should ever go through th
  4. Ttrying, I think that's why this site is making one of the hardest things in my life, just a little easier. To speak. Everyone so far is unbelievable with their support, and to be able to write your emotions, be it anger, fear, happiness of disgust, and all the others tangled in a web, someone out there truly does understand and is willing to share.
  5. So I am new to this site as of this week and I have already seen how great this site can be. So on those nights where I can't sleep its a comfort to know that there are others who may be awake at the same time, and I can just come here and vent, or write, or just read. I am a very stubborn person and even though I know some type of therapy is probably a good thing, I just can't ever make myself go. Its funny how typing things out can be so theraputic. Also in a way the fact that I don't have to face any of you helps too. I know we all are some way in the same boat, but the feeling of judg
  6. Thank you guys! MarieDoe, you said it has been 7 years for you, mine was over 10, I cant believe how in less than 24 hours I already feel like I am going in the right direction. When my husband suggested therapy before I absolute say no. I am not willing to ever talk to a stranger, yet here I am in the cyber world, and holy cow does it already make a difference knowing others have already reached out! Thank you so much!!!
  7. So this is my first time ever, doing anything like this. After looking at different sites I finally found this one and it seems to help everyone. I don't even know how to start this. I do feel like I have come to a turning point though, and I am tired of what happened to me being such a controlling part of my life. I have a wonderful husband and a great friend who are the only ones that know what has happened to me, but I feel guilty talking to them about it, like it puts a burden on them as well. So here I am, to talk to people who unfortunately may understand where I am coming from. Here's
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