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  1. Winter45


    Welcome!! I hope this place helps you in your journey of healing!! kristal
  2. Winter45


    Another late hello as well. I hope you find this place healing. kristal
  3. you are now surrounded by supportive people who can help. Glad you decided to join. kristal
  4. Hi!! I'm new!! My name is Kristal, and i have been a survivor of rape for almost 2 years. I live in the Vegas area, and am looking for a positive outlet for my thoughts and feelings. I'm lucky to have a wonderful husband, though sometimes he doesn't know how to handle what happened, so I'm looking to meet new people who have gone through the same experience as me. Living in Vegas can be a bit lonely, since I have opened up to the friends I have about what happened, but everyone is too self involved, no one really cared. I hope I havent said too much, but I look forward to meeting other survivors, and learning more about myself, and hopefully helping other people as well!! Thanks!!
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