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  1. Hi everyone, I am new here and very grateful to have found this site. I was raped in 2009 and blamed myself for everything. I never told anyone at the time, and have only just told my current (and wonderful) boyfriend. I blanked everything out, and have been dealing fine with it, until recently. I run a lingerie blog and have, in the last year or so, received rape and death threats from a**hole men on social media and email. It has made a lot angrier than I expected, and after writing some articles about it, and attending a few events where facts and figures about rape and other forms of sexual assault were discussed, everything has come flowing out. Even writing "I was raped" is a massive step for me. It's been seven years but it's now time for me to deal with everything. So anyway, hi, it's very comforting being here. Elinor
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