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  1. I hope you find some people you trust and can share with. Im here if you ever want to talk xx
  2. I'm brand new too but already have found this to be a reassuring supportive environment. Take what you can from it. I know it's hard with a child (I am a single mum too, to a 3yo son) as you have to keep going, but on here you might find some relief - thats what Im hoping anyway. talk any time if you want
  3. Thank you so much. Having people reassure me certainly is helping. I have so many questions and stuff wanting to get out but I want to feel more settled first.
  4. Thank you I so awkward on things like this - I have no idea what I'm doing. Hopefully I will work it out soon
  5. Hi there, I'm new. I'm hoping to find people to connect with and share with. I'd love to be able to get advice on stuff without having to censor myself (most of the people in real life dont know or even if they do, dont want to talk about it all the time). I'm 28, f, and live in the UK. I browsed around a bit while I was waiting for my account to activate and everyone seems really supportive and nice. I hope you can find time for me too. I would really love to make some friends
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