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  1. Hi I'm SJD but you can call me SJ I'm a survivor like most of you. I am here to connect with other female survivors and get some advice/validation about certain things. I had done a sight similar to this in the past but had a really bad experience with it. Hoping this is better. I would like to have access to the chat rooms and to the female only forums and probably some others as my time goes on. A bit about me: I am a 21 year old College student and I am studying psychology. I want to get my masters in counseling and have a private practice that will focus mainly on females from early adolescents on who have a background in abuse, trauma, depression, anxiety, and self harm. I want to help in the healing process and let them know they aren't alone. I have learned through various mentoring programs and my own life that survivors respond better when people who are helping them heal have been put through the process themselves and understand shat they are feeling completely. I feel like my own experiences will allow me to connect with my future clients more and help them heal knowing I have been there too. I am also an actress when not in school. I love musicals. I sing all the time and know a lot of people on broadway and other places so it's nice to be able to connect with others in the community as well. I audition for things all the time and love every second of it. I have also played soccer and did competitive ice skating (for 8 years). I can't wait to connect with others and get some answers and opinions as well as help others!
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