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  1. 14 hours ago, reglois said:

    :aswelcomesu: :youcanheal: :notalone: :bighug: if ok



    10 hours ago, lexip said:

    Hey Kayleigh

    I am so sorry dear for the reason that have brought you to this site - I think your so brave to reach out, if you need to talk any time you are more than welcome to pm me! please take good care of yourself right now!



    Thank you so much 

  2. 4 hours ago, MeBeMary said:

    Hi Kayleigh,

    Welcome to AS. I am so sorry that you have experienced trauma like this, but you have found a very supportive site. It is not easy to understand, but please know that none of this was your fault. There is no reason in this world that gives another person to hurt you like this. They were selfish and cruel. It is a big step to reach out. I wish you well as more steps come and you continue down your healing path.




    Thank you so much 

  3. 43 minutes ago, patriciag said:

    Hi Kayleigh, I'm sorry that you were  sexually assaulted 2 weeks ago. Flashbacks and nightmares are  normal ( sad to say). You will find many people here to help you, we understand the pain and how out of control it can be to have the flashbacks and nightmares. You are not alone here and this is a safe place.


    Thank you so much for the help and guidance 

  4. Hi,  my name is Kayleigh and I'm 17. I was Sexually assaulted 2 weeks ago and having problems with flashbacks and nightmares. Hoping this site helps and hoping to meet new people who can understand the pain with out having to explain it over and over.

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