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  1. Hi Kayleigh, I'm new too. I'm sorry to hear of your assault and I hope this site helps. For me, therapy has really helped me with dealing with my abuse and I wish I had done it years ago and thought I would mention that it Amy be helpful to you. Hugs. 

  2. 7 hours ago, Vivkitten said:

    happy to have you here :)

    Thanks vivkitten! Hehe I'm just working out whether I have the guts to access this site whilst on a packed train so I'll let you all know. step by step as they say - it's all a process they all say!

  3. Hi all and thanks for the warm welcomes! I read them and it made me smile. It has shocked me and saddened me of how many people are on this site but I joined to find others like me and I think I am doing just that.


    i am also encouraged by messages saying I hope you gain from the forum like I have. I'll let you know :)

  4. I just wanted to introduce myself. As the name princess was already taken, I guess there are some others on here going by that name and similar!

    im 36, f and from the UK. Looking to meet others in a similar situation or past for further healing. I am here to deal with my demons and yet at the same time help others as I realise I am maybe further on my journey than I thought and at this moment in time, I would say to anyone reading this that it does get better. This may change tomorrow but today is a good day.

    i think I have always been ashamed of my past and still am and blamed myself but I am beginning to think this may change. I have told a few friends of my past but I just view it so badly that I think that's all they would see about me and there is so much more to me!

    dealing with stuff on your own is hard and I hope this site will bring me hope, friendship, inspiration, connections, healing and true freedom. Let's see.....

  5. wow im new but everything that randi84 said applies to me! i have a great family but just don't get it and i can't talk to them about it. im 36 and trying 6o come to terms with something that happened when i was approx 8/9 years old and only a few of my friends know. i hope to heal further through this site and if i can help or inspire someone else that would be amazing. 

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