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  1. Hello all, I thought I had moved past 3 incidents of rape and sexual assault that happened some years ago, but recently had something come up that proved me wrong. Apparently I did not process things in the healthiest way so I was told, and realized I had just suppressed some of it as well. Now old stuff is bubbling up to the surface, and last night even had a full on nightmare beyond description. I am determined to get through it again and feel much more courageous than before. I think I'm ready to talk more now than ever before, and so far it has actually helped so much. I am hopeful and encouraged by a few conversations I have had so far, and have learned so much and understand myself, who I am and how I am much more than ever before. I have started seeing pieces of myself that I thought had died long ago so I am looking forward to seeing more of that. I am glad to have found this place and all of you. Thanks for being here. x
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