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  1. Hi. My psychologist recommended to me this week that maybe I should join a survivors group. I guess it never really crossed my mind in a million years to connect with a support group. Honestly, I don't know how much commitment or participation I can give here. What is actually required of me? Who knows after posting here, if I'll ever sign on again. I guess in a way, it kind of help to scan through the pages and pages of forum postings and realize I am not alone. But there are also feelings of sadness, grief and disappointment seeing how many people are in this boat. Kinda overwhelming. My psychologist wants to try a therapeutic technique where together we walk through the entire "ordeal" in present tense step by step. Wow, geez, I don't know. It's a 9 year old incident. I am in my mid-thirties and I really, really, really just want to get on with my life instead of being trapped by the past.
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