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  1. Hi BreakingFree11, welcome to As, im new here aslo, only joined yesterday, and everyone has been nice, caring and supportive
  2. Hi pheonixxx, thank you, since I've joined AS, I found a lot of caring and supportive people in this group and I never thought I would ever find one just as caring as you all are, it really means a lot, knowing I can talk about what happened.
  3. Hi struggling88, thank you.
  4. Hi unloveable, yes it is very hard to find the right therapist, and finding one that you feel comfortable with and you are able to open up to, it is very difficult, not feeling ok today, just want to stay in bed and not do anything, I don't really know what to say at the moment, my mind had gone blank 😢
  5. Hi unloveable, sorry to hear what you have been through, glad you are seeing a therapist, yes I understand that it can be hard to talk about things, I can't explain about that, because I've not recieved any help, im not seeing a therapist or anyone, because I'm scared of reliving it, I have tried before with a therapist, but she wasn't to my standard, where she would just sit their and waiting for me to talk, but for the whole hour it was silent, she didn't encourage me to talk or anything, at that time all I wanted, as for someone to care, and believe me, but it never came, that's why I'm scared to tell anyone and open up, hope you get the help and support that you really need. Sian ((((((hugs)))))) if ok
  6. Hi MeBeMary, thanks for your reply, yes it continued untill i was 29, i had no choice but to get away, it was me or i would have died that night, and I will never forget what he did to me, I can't go into it right now as its to traumatic to speak about it, I was tourchered, I was was burned with cigarettes, all I can say right now, im sorry 😢😢😢
  7. Hi Patriciag, thanks for replying, its overwelming that there is people out ther who can support you, and knowing im not alone any more, but I can't help but blame myself, he made me feel as if it was all my fault, and I always believed him, probably always will, I deserved it. Sorry, im just so angry right, now, I need to vent and get it all out, but I can't express my feelings.
  8. Hi, im new here, don't really know where to start, im just feeling really confused right now, struggling to come to tearms with what happened, I was sexually abused from the age of 6 to the age of 29, I know, a long time, but I couldn't tell anyone, I was/still am, so scared, ashamed and guilty, im 33 now, I just feel so alone, I've got no family I can turn to, no close friends that i can rely on. Hope I can find support in AS, thanks.
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