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  1. Hi Sian, I am new here too. I'm so sorry you had no where to turn for so long. It took a lot of courage and inner strength to get away from your abusive situation. That was a huge step. I was abused from infancy to 16 years by both family and "friends". I am 31 years old and joined to reach out to support victims of abuse and also to find support for myself. I am seeing a therapist but sometimes it can be hard to open up and ask questions, I have found that some of my questions have been answered just by browsing in the forums. I think it helps knowing that there are people out there who can relate and that we don't suffer the affects of the abuse alone. I wish you peace of mind and healing for your heart. Larissa
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    Jim, Thank you for sharing your story. I'm so angry at your family's response! I can relate to your pain, shock, hurt and disbelief as my own mother told me in regards to my abuse "I knew you were being abused and YOU wouldn't have WANTED me to stop the abuse from happening!" and she added "That's how little kids learn" I am so sorry this happened to you! I hope that in time you can heal from these terrible experiences. I've been angry at men in general for such a long time because of the cruel torture I endured at the hands of them. Thank you for sharing your story, it opened my eyes and showed me there is hope after all in finding decent and understanding men. I've believed for so long that men are all the same, that they are only after one thing. Thanks for helping me to bury that belief in the ground today. I can relate to everything you said about "the worst part" of course from a women's view point. You can't imagine how much you helped me to change my view of men. Thank you Jim for helping me to start my healing process.
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