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  1. I think I should change my name back to what I really am. "unloveable" 

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    2. snmls


      Me too Loveable. We all have and it doesn't make us crappy people or unloveable, it just makes us human.  Be kind to yourself. :hug:

    3. loveable


      :hug: Thank you @snmls  :tear: I just feel extremely disappointed in myself. I mean things I did as a kid still replay over in my head...silly stupid things. Like I was over at my crushes house when I was a kid. His mom told me I needed to eat. I didn't and was hungry later and his younger brother and I we got a bag of chips down and were munching on them and she came in and snatched the bag away and we got scolded. I feel like maybe I should be able to laugh about it now, but I can't even now I feel humiliated over it and the look in her eye :cry: so when I really screw things up :sadang:

    4. snmls


      I still feel humiliated over things I've done as a kid too.  I know it doesn't feel good to remember them or think about them.  But remember those memories and moments don't define you.  

  2. Feeling worthless. I don't know how to keep friends. I end up doing or saying something that pushed people away. :( 

    1. LuthienTinuviel


      You aren't worthless <3 

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