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  1. Women Only Forum/ Share Your Story

    Please could I have the password too! Thank you... and is there any way to move posts from one forum to another??just wondering! Ocean, xx
  2. What Do The Abbrieviations Mean?

    me neither and I am 17... what about DMC - deep and meaningful conversation! I looove that one! hehe!
  3. Invalidation. Words Can Hurt!

    this psychaitrist i was made to go see...(complete as*hole!!) "You know your parents are goingto find out..." Me "About what" "Your bulimia" I had spoken to the guy for 5 minutes and he knew nothing about me...it just pissed me off that he made all these assumptions about me, i had literallytold him my name when he said that...grrrrrrrrr! My guy friend "You look so hot right now I just wanna rape you..." (really, how kind!) Another guy friend, "Its not rape if you shout surprise first" !! "I bet people actually enjoy being raped...its just like sex but with no strings and no commitment isnt it" (yeah and a whole lotta violence and pain too in case you didnt realise) Cant believe reading some of this what some people in the world are like