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    Singing, reading, writing, archery, dogs(I am obsessed with dogs),music, and volleyball.

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  1. These past two weeks have been so hard.  I'm not good at anything anymore.  i have no purpose or talent.  What's even the point of anything anymore?

    1. Iheartcupcakes


      I know how you feel, Gracie. I am so, so sorry you are hurting so much. I know how it feels to feel like your brain is different. Where did my intelligence go? My memory? My concentration? What am I supposed to do now? I was just about to graduate when I was attacked and I did, but I had plans to go to grad school and I did not. I have nothing to give for that. So, I can completely understand and relate to how you feel right now. But you DO have talent. Once the smoke clears and you start to heal, things will come back. I have to keep believing that...for both of us. :throb:

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