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  1. Hi Wonder Woman!

        Nice to have a fellow Justice League member onboard :lindybear:.  Hopefully you can get to Themyscira soon.  I am sorry that you have experienced trauma too.  There are some who have experienced trauma and have gone through the courts.   Healing can be a challenge but it is totally worth it.  The anxiety is normal as is the depression.  So much has changed and one wants nothing more than for things to go back to the way they were.   I know from my own experience that going back to normal isn't possible.  There is a period of time where mourning takes place as if someone is lost because the innocence is gone.  Nothing you did caused it, and the other person is at fault.  Yet the aftermath is what has to be dealt with.    I think if it as like dropping a cluster bomb on a person.  It's devastating and sometimes rushing healing is tempting.   Hang in there.  

  2. Hi Chris:

    • Welcome to AS.   Glad you are here although I am sorry for the reasons.  Healing is possible and you can heal.  There is no judgment here and you will find people who know what you have been through.   :supportu: :notalone: Sending you safe hugs if ok, :hug:

  3. Hey and welcome!   Your beloved may need to check her spam file.  I know when I signed up it didn't appear in my inbox. I had to check spam and do a search for it.  I think this may help her find her information.  Welcome to AS.   The Puppy Dancers.... :-)


  4. @jidfr 

    Hi, welcome to AS.  Glad you are here.  Take your time and share as little or as much as you want.  This place has a lot of helpful and supportive people here.  I have found it helpful in my own recovery.   I know it may not seem like it now,, but you aren't alone.  Not in the least.  You are not alone and you can heal.  :notalone: :supportu: 

  5. Hi Blue Baloni,

      I am so sorry for the trauma you have experienced.  I can understand wanting to be able to attend a group someplace and meeting with people in real life.  Never feel bad about where you are from.  America can be it's own adventure.  If I can help you research resources, feel free to let me know.  No pressure.  Any country will do. Just name the country. I research things for a social justice group and don't mind helping if I can.  I am glad you found AS.   I echo phoenixxx and the others.  :notalone::supportu: and most of all :youcanheal:.   Take your time, and keep looking up.

  6. Hi Ragdoll,. 

      You are in a safe place.  Everyone here has had some experience and I am sure you will find someone who has been through something similar than what you have.  The biggest thing is, :notalone:.   :supportu: :youcanheal:

    It is a bit of a challenge but when you have a support system be it online or in person, it makes a tremendous difference.  You can certainly heal.  

  7. Hi Sam,

    The silence can be crushing. You have come to a wonderful place.  You don't have to keep the secret anymore.  There comes a point where the secret is toxic.  You have made an excellent first step.  We are here to help each other.  There is nothing you can say here where no one gets what you are saying.  Someone on here knows exactly what you are talking about.  Speak on your experience when you are ready.   There is no pressure here.  It is support and comforting.  It is both sad and comforting to know you are not alone.  You aren't alone here.  Keep looking up.  Sending safe hugs if ok. :hug:

  8. Hi Hazine,

    Welcome to AS.   :-). Glad you are here.  Your friends are right, it is time to stop existing and start living it.   It is hard to do sometimes when that spectre is behind you, with its invisible chains.   You deserve to be happy and you don't have to keep the secret anymore.   This stuff does hurt.  Dealing with it can be difficult.  It can even hurt.  However much like setting a broken bone, it is not healed when the cast is put on, it is healed when the cast comes off. You aren't alone.  It wasn't your fault and most importantly, you didn't deserve it.  There is nothing you could have done to justify the abuse.  Nothing at all.   You were innocent and it was not your fault.   Keep looking up.

  9.  Trigger Warning:hammer:                             

    If I could say five words to my abusers, 

    You two didn't win!

    You will both live to regret this. (I know more than five words)

    I don't hate you both,  

    I don't hold the years against you two.

    I have more healing to do.

    Hate of you both is not conducive to my healing.

    It is not about what you deserve, but what I want. 

    I don't want to meet your children.   

    I don't consider you my brothers.

    Stop referring to me as your sister.

    I am not the aunt to your children.

    I have a fantastic extended family and neither of you are in it.

    You both have stolen a lot from me. 

    I can't look at my own pictures.

    I don't like to be touched.

    I found what paranoia is like.

    I got your parting gift, PTSD.

    I am not a sl*t, w**re or bit*h. 

    I am free of both of you.


  10. Hi there Powerful!   There is nothing wrong with being nervous.  I think you will find the group here quite supportive.  I call you Powerful because that is who you are.  In time,  you will see that. In the meantime, I don't think there is a group that is not covered here. The pain we have in common unites us.  The healing we are pursuing allows us to draw from each other's strength.  It is ok to be nervous.  My first support group was a bit intimidating. But the good news is, the powerlessness you feel, will not be like this always..  You are a survivor.  You are hurting right now.  that is ok.   By coming here, you have started to heal.  That is a very powerful thing.   

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