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  1. Powerful,

    I was wondering how you are.  Just wanted say hi.  Hope you are well.  Sending you safe hugs if ok :hug:

  2. I don't talk much about health but found out I have cancer round 2.   I'm going to throw a shindig just cuz I can.  I'm going to grab me a shake since I'm out and about.  Leave me a positive comment.  Looking to celebrate something good with you.  Your good news is encouraging to me.  Ready? Set? Post! 

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    2. Painnbroken
    3. snmls


      Thank you @Hawkgirl  I'm planning on studying health law.  :)

    4. limbodante


      I have a date today, I meet my gf for the first time, we're meeting at a steampunk crafts fair ^_^

  3. Hey there Band!  Just wanted to say hey and hope you are having a great day or have had a great day.  It is after 3am here so I am going to try to go to sleep now. :-).  Keep looking up. :-). 

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