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  1. Hi everyone, Just wanted to say hello to everyone. My name is Tiana. I am a survivor of childhood abuse and i was raped 9 years ago. I live in the UK, with my partner Mike, and i have 3 grown up kids who are working, or at University. I've been disabled for the last 2 1/2 years with arthritis. I can get around ok in the house with the aid of sticks but when outside i use a wheelchair. I've managed to work through many of my problems in regards to the rape, but the CA is proving to be a lot more difficult. I think i can honestly say that i have more good days than bad, but i still have flashbacks and periods of dissociation. I was a teacher, but have retrained to be a counsellor, and am currently studying pain management in the hope of working with people in chronic physical pain, as well as carrying on with the abuse counselling. I think that's me in a nut shell. Take care tiana