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    hugging kitties, playing Chopin, Parisian rap, Caribbean and African francophone literature, race and gender studies, linguistics research.

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  1. SilentBird: Thank you. It is so easy to focus on the negative, but I need to remember how hard I worked last semester in order to finish strong despite the pain. (I was conducting an independent study based on sensitive subject matter that became even more sensitive after the trauma, so that research was especially difficult. My advisor was aware of my situation, however, and provided great support) I am thankful that I took the steps to be here not only for myself, but hopefully to be able to listen to and provide support for others. That, I feel, will be part of my healing process, in additi
  2. Hi to my new friends, I am 23, recently graduated (last December) from college with a double major in English and French, and unsure about my next steps in life. Struggling with the SA I experienced has left me feeling frozen and lacking autonomy and direction in my life. This sickens me as I am normally a driven individual academically and professionally. Instead, I have been slumping around my boyfriend's place and drinking too much (I am 100% sober ATM. I did not want to post while under the influence.) I would like to be known here as "Uni." This is a reference to one of
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