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  1. Hi becky, yeah i understand. Thanks for letting me know you's are discussing it. I really appreciate it that mods are doing this and i am really grateful for all the hard work you all do here. No rush. mods watergirl x
  2. hey john, thanks for the reply. Its good to hear from a good guy in the world. I haven't got a clue what indemnity liabilities are even though me a scientist but guessing this: i wouldn't mention names of mine charged or that or go into detail etc about dates etc. None of the police stuff or court needs to be said in detail. Just emotinal support u know. Brief what's going on. I've gone through it cause of several things now my parents. I think people have lots of questions what happens when you report R or csa etc. And if i or others could help with that would be good too. Not forcing any
  3. Hey mods, erm i'm just curious cause i haven't had a reply. Does that mean no to a legal forum? Watergirl x
  4. Hey john, oh woweee i have downloaded opera mini. It is amazing. I am on it right now. Thankyou so much you're so clever at this stuff watergirl
  5. Hi, i can't start new topics in some forums on my mobile eg. Therapy, simply life etc. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas how to fix this. Thanks. Wx
  6. Hi erm is there a way to stop someone pming you? Thanks.
  7. Hey someone call the doctor i have lost my marble oh oh i have just spent an hour being very silly pming myself to figure out smiley codes and all you have to do is wrap the word in 2 colons hee hee
  8. Hiya i know daft question huh?! On my mobile on AS site. Can someone give me some emoticon codes? I've figured out the sad, happy, and hug. But would like the crying and laugh and angry ones thankyou lol watergirl x
  9. Hiya samantha glad you joined. Just take your time here. You can say as much or as little as you want. I'm a student too wx
  10. Hiya, sorry i deleted this ages ago thought it was maybe a stupid idea. I was wondering if we could have a legal forum for those of us who have been through the legal system, who are going through it right now, or who are thinking of reporting. So that we could all support each other with this. It's hard to know where to post this legal stuff. Thankyou. watergirl x
  11. Hee hee lol i think it's the gremlins and damn i just typed big reply to someone and it happened again. It is foggy and wet here??
  12. Yeah me's had same problems trying to post replies, clicking on forums and my buttons in general lol!
  13. thank you for the nice welcome everybody.
  14. thank you for the nice welcome everybody.
  15. Hiya i was on here in 2007 after i was raped but found it difficult to speak. I've got a lot going on right now and could really use support to get through this. I'm now in therapy about csa by my dad. I am now prosecuting him. Thank you.
  16. Hiya i'm pretty new on here and changed my username. I was raped again in May. I reported it all to the police but i'm struglling to cope with it all. I keep reliving it all and i'm scared to go outside. Just need to be here right now to get some support for this. watergirl
  17. Hiya Thank you for your post to me luv jammieschick
  18. hiya new here too luv jammieschick
  19. hiya everyone Well this is hard but i'm glad i've found this site to help me. I just wanted to say hello and i hope we can all help each other. How are you all doing? Look after yourselves luv jammieschick3
  20. Hiya everyone This is hard to write. I was raped 7 months ago and phoned the police straight after. Going through being examined, making statements and being photographed was another horrible experience. I've waited this long to hear about it going to court. He was charged with rape and is out on bail. So they've got till July this year to take it to court. I saw the prosecution for the first time last week which was hard. I was in there for three hours going through IT all again and had to look at photos of my body covered in bruises and marks. I feel terrible. I keep crying cause he is m
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