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  1. You are very brave. Be proud of yourself for how far you have come. So many of your feelings I totally understand. Welcome to AS.
  2. Tinks78


    Hi and welcome. Sorry for why you are here but well done for showing your strength to reach out.
  3. Hi pinkbutterfy, welcome and sorry for what brings you here. I have felt so far that this site has been very helpful. I certainly dont feel so alone and it's comforting to know that some of the crazy thoughts that go throu my head are not so crazy and that others feel the same. There is strength and comfort in talking to others further down the healing process too. Stay strong and remember you are in control. Always a good listener if you need one.
  4. Tinks78


    Hi steel, welcome to AS. I'm sure your advice and support will be invaluable to lots of us here. I'm sorry to hear you are unwell and wish you a speedy recovery.
  5. Tinks78


    Hi and welcome, sorry for what brings you here. I too had hidden this from others and myself for 20+ years so I understand completely. I am very new here too, but everyone is so supportive and it's great to have people that fully understand you. You are very brave for reaching out and remember that you are the one in control of the rest of your journey. It may seem like an uphill struggle at times but be assured that everyday makes you a little stronger than you already are. Hugs if that's ok. Tinks
  6. Hi, I'm glad you found us, but sorry for what has brought you here. You are very brave for reaching out and are in totally the right place for support. Sending a hug if that is ok. You are not alone, you are strong and in control.
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