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  1. Thank you HiddenHeart. I'm happy to be here, and to have this support system. It's been a really anxious, and emotional week. Not just because of the triggers over the past two weeks from my rape, but for some other things going on as well. I am grateful to all of you for welcoming me with open arms,and being here for me. Speaking with all of you, and reading through here, has really helped me with the anxiety at least a little. ♡
  2. Yes, it definitely Is incredible. I mean, I hate to think such groups & forums have to exist in the first place. As no one should ever have to go through anything like this to even need such thing.But for those who do..this is a wonderful place/people to have in your corner. And thank you for the reassurance that everything will be ok. After experiencong triggers to the point of panic attacks after 11yrs,I was beginning to think I was crazy. But now I know that I'm not, and can see that though it may take time..it'll WILL be ok. I try to remind myself of that daily, but there's somet
  3. Thank you Josie. I'm already an emotional person as it is.And yesterday & today have been two emotionally draining days. Doesn't take much to open these flood gates,or to set of my anxiety. But there's a refreshing feeling in having happy tears for a change. If that makes sense. I already wish I could hug you people(please don't think I'm weird for that.lol)I'm just feeling emotional right now,and very grateful.It's more of a "maybe everything will be ok after all, because I'm not alone in this" type of emotional moment.I'm slowly starting to figure AS out. And yes..everything a little at
  4. Thank you Mary, I appreciate that. It's weird.. I've been holding this in for so long, so I wouldn't upset people.And now that I don't have to hold it in anymore..I'm having a hard time knowing how to start. But I will do it. I will share my story..very soon.Because I hear talking about it with others that have been there,and getting it off your chest, really helps the healing process. And I'm all for doing whatever I have to do to work through this. I've bottled things up for far too long.But I know I'll have the strength to do that here now, because of all of you.♡
  5. Thank you Tannyluck. Reading the comments from all of you, and seeing the amount of support I've received already, has made me wanna cry. But happy and relieved tears.
  6. Thank you everyone. Though this doesn't invade my mind to a panic attack point daily anymore, it definitely gets to me way more than it should after 11yrs.Or so I would think. Though I do realize it will never fully go away. It'll always be in the back of mind. I just need to learn how to handle these triggers when they show their ugly face.I've only had certain people I've even been able to talk to about it.. Including family. This was kind of an "off limits" topic with a few people, since he was a friend of everyone .I'd actually like to share my story.I've had to filter my feelings because
  7. Hi.My name is Kelly. I registered a couple months ago, but haven't been able to really take the step. I was date raped by my brothers friend 11yrs ago, yet it still has a tremendous affect on me, and I want it to stop. So it's time I step up. I'm also new to forums. So if I screw up somewhere long the line..please let me know.As I don't yet know the proper places to post what things.And I apologize in advance. I look forward to talking with you all, and even sharing my story. That's part of healing I hear. So thank you all for being here with me. It's nice to know I'm not alone
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