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  1. Hi Abby,

    Tell your T' to ask you leading questions. Tell her what you told us.

    And you don't want to waste time at your session,

    you can have small talk with your cat, not your T'! :wink:

    Have strength of heart and spirit


  2. Thanks Igbed for your kind words,

    I too love butterflies and the thought that something can change from a cacoon into a beautiful being really appeals.

    The formation idea was told to me by my grandma. Imagine if you could manage to be in control of everything around you, you control the butterflies, your daily life, your love, your pain and problems,hurt and anger, then you have managed to get'your butterflies to fly in formation'. Close your eyes and picture it. Works for me.

  3. Hello everyone,

    this is a complete first for me, registering on the site, and posting messages, go easy on me if I make mistakes. So again, Hello everyone, and I am pleased I found this place. There is no one I can talk to as no one understands.

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