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  1. Hello impk! Welcome to AS! You'll find alot of support here and in time you will heal
  2. Feeling strong and unstoppable

    Thank you!!!! Glad I could share this with you
  3. Feeling strong and unstoppable

    The New Me My rage knows no bounds,It has a new kind of sheen.It is no longer a pained wrath,But a passion to succeed. From the hollows of destruction I shall rise.Carefully putting my pieces back together. Moulding myself a brand new me, Adding to my cap another feather. Like a Rajpoot princess who knows no defeat, I shall hold strong my sword in one hand,The might of a pen shall grace my other,And I'll write a bold new plan. With the Father by my side,Like an eternal flame I'll burn bright.I will demolish all my demons, The fire within me will never die. The world will witness the war that I've won.The girl I was, the woman I've become.And there will be a pompous celebration, One to be remembered by history.Oh! I can already taste sweet victory! G
  4. Hi Uni, Welcome to AS. Yes you will definitely find healing here. Sending you support and strength
  5. First time here

    Welcome to AS resilientgirl! I know how you feel. Feel free to share whatever you are comfortable with. We all are here to support you on your journey to healing.
  6. New to posting

    Hi Unmasking, Welcome to AS! I am so glad that you have taken this step. You are very brave. We are all here to give you support and help you heal.
  7. Newbie

    Thank you Tannyluck!
  8. Hello

    Hello Reiina , I am glad that you are reaching out. This is a brave step. Welcome to AS and feel free to post as much/little as you'd like. if ok
  9. Invictus

    Your welcome tkkt! This is the poem I read and re-read every time I am in need of strength or I need a reminder of how in charge of my situation I am.
  10. deleted

    Hi SilentBird, Welcome to AS! I know how you feel and understand your hesitation towards seeking help and support. I am 21 too and only now 10 years after my abuse I am seeking support for the first time. I am glad that you have taken this brave step which will bring you healing sooner than later. Safe hugs if ok
  11. Hey

    Hi Emily22! Welcome to AS
  12. Hello. First post.

    Hi grapefruitmoon, I am glad you took the brave step to reach out. I understand about allowing yourself to feel the discomfort and accepting it. I am trying to do the same. Sending you lots of support and strength
  13. Saying Hey

    Hi angel14! Hope you heal soon. AS is great place for that!
  14. Newbie

    Hi princesskay
  15. Newbie

    Hi Struggling88!!!