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  1. welcome to this community. I hope that everyone can help you recover and get better. I have history in the past of molestation and also recent experience with sexual assault with someone i knew. I hope i can help you and am always here to lend an ear to help ANYONE who needs it. I can help people I'm in school to be a therapist dealing with people who has dealt with this situation since i have been through it as has many on this site. we can all help you recover. your in my thoughts and i hope to help you
  2. I have posted what happened to me earlier. I didnt know where to post because my last assault happened a week ago so i just posted anywhere. I am introducing myself and hope to be a big participator in this forum. I have group and single therapy and its helping me and also consult from police and a good lawyer. I hope to get to know every one of you and help you in your recovery. Im not not to this and i think I can help people. I just hope i continue to persue my own trial. every trial is hard but i am not new to this. this would be my second time to go to court about this. I look forward to
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