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  1. Just one of those low points where I'm feeling upset. Maybe I'm just tired I don't really know what is wrong. Just something feels off and I can't put my finger on it. 

    1. gorbaby


      Ended up having a nightmare about being assaulted again. It was happening in my uncles room at my grandparents house by my ex boyfriend (my abuser). My ex's parents were home and I got hostile at them after because they did nothing. I've always felt that way I trusted his Mom to do something when he brought me to her for help after the fact. She and her husband just told me it was his way of coping. He had come over to get the rest of his stuff and then he kept brining up sex and I kept pushing away and was just trying to get him to leave and then he forced himself on me. :cry:

    2. MeBeMary


      Aww, gorbaby. I hate nightmares! So sorry you had such an awful one. :hug: if ok.


    3. gorbaby


      Thanks MeBeMary, just nervous to have another nightmare


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