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  1. thanks for the welcome from everyone. I know I am not to blame for what happened, but I know I should have told my boyfriend before he found out from someone else. I was wondering if anyone else had difficulty with their significant other after their trauma? I don't know how to convince him to talk to me. I don't even necessarily need him to discuss what happened, I just want him to say something more than he is busy with school.
  2. I was passed out. I remember sitting on the couch and I must have laid my head back or something and the next thing I really remember was the guy shaking me awake telling me to get dressed. I know I never consented to anything and I also know I should have told my boyfriend right away. I tried explaining things to him in an email, while he has acknowledged he read it and even said we will talk about it at some time, he won't make time for me. Tomorrow marks two weeks since he texted me telling me he found out and I should never talk to him again. I am trying to take it as a positive sign he said we would talk, but it's really hard dealing with everything and on the top of it all, my boyfriend won't talk to me.
  3. Hello. As suggested by a therapist I have started an account with this site. About two months ago I was molested while drinking at a friend's house and have had difficulty talking about the events. I kept everything to myself for awhile, afraid to tell anyone because I felt stupid for putting myself in that situation. Because I kept it to myself I started feeling depressed, started having anxiety attacks when falling asleep, and have had trouble eating. All of this became increasingly worse about two weeks ago when my boyfriend found out. He accused me of cheating on him and now won't talk to me. So now I am feeling even more alone and hurt.
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