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  1. jenjudd

    Why Me

    I don't either. I wish there was some way to know. I am so glad someone else feels the same way I do.
  2. jenjudd

    Why Me

    I don't understand why me. I feel as though I am so different from everyone. I don't understand why I am so different. Why am I not married why do I not have a boyfriend, why do I not have any children? I want these things but feel so far away from any of it. I just want to be like everyone else. Does anyone else feel this way. Does anyone else feel like they are so far away from anyone but they are standing right there? I feel so different it is crazy. I feel like I am crazy. I wonder every day if I am. I feel so alone but don't want to be around anyone.
  3. Hi I was on chat yesterday and you had given me some really good advise. I am reaching out to you I we could message each other. I am looking for extra support and not finding it in chat. That you


    1. VintageCrayon


      Absolutely! Feel free :)

  4. jenjudd

    Difficult Time

    I am having such a difficult time right know. I am going through a lot of memories that I have before I had shut out of my mind.. Now everything is coming to a surface. The one person that I know can help me I have been shutting out. I wrote to her on e-mail and explained this and she is so understanding. I am not used to having a therapist be this way.I know I have to go through the hard stuff in order to get to the other side but man this is hard stuff. I just want a normal life. I want to be happy and it seems to be so far away. Sorry this is so short but I have to stop now. Thanks
  5. jenjudd

    My Story

    Hi I am new here but have struggled many years with the memories of abuse. The abuse lasted 20 years of my life. My Grandfather finnally passed away and that is what ended the abuse. I have cut had a eating disorder and have tried overdose many times to deal with what is going on in my head. I have a pretty good therapist at this time that I think can help me. I have had many therapist but they have all left do to my continued testing of there rules. I want to get better and I am here to hope to get some more support. I don't have any friends because they can't seem to deal with my test
  6. jenjudd

    emotional stuff

    I am so sorry about what you went through.
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